THe Green Vine Wine Insider App


The Green Vine Wine Insider App

A companion app to The Green Vine book, which has much more information about how sustainable wine is grown and made, how certain wineries are cutting down on “wine-miles” by the types of packaging they use, reducing their water and energy use, and finding ways to make great wine without the use of chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and our environment. The book clarifies the various certifications, such as Salmon-Safe, LIVE (Low Impact Viticulture and Enology), Carbon Neutral Challenge and other sustainable practices.


The Green Vine Wine Insider is a companion app to the book, The Green Vine: A Guide to West Coast Sustainable, Biodynamic and Organic Wines (Mountaineers Books), by wine writer Shannon Borg. The GVW Insider helps wine lovers find wines and wineries that value the environment and are actively engaged in sustainable winemaking practices that conserve energy and water resources, help build soil, and lower herbicide and pesticide runoff that contaminates water resources.

Many of these wineries are certified through several different programs, such as Salmon-Safe, Demeter Certified Biodynamic, the National Organic Program, Vinea: the Winemaker's Trust and more. Some wine labels bear the logos from these organizations on their labels, helping consumers to find certified wines.

Collect points when you visit a winery listed in the app, and redeem them at special Rewards locations, which are wineries listed in the app. Each Rewards location offers a different reward, such as special wine club offers, discounts on wine, free or discounted wine tastings, discounts on books, glassware and other goods and services.

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